Mini Workshop and Final Presentation of 4th Research Dive


04 AUGUST 2017

Pulse Lab Jakarta, in collaboration with OLX Indonesia, is organizing a research event, Research Dive for Development: Trade and Competitiveness, in which academics, industry professionals and other researchers will dive into various datasets and produce new methods and analysis. The event will take place from 6th to 9th August 2017 at the Pulse Lab Jakarta office.

Alongside the research agenda, there will be two open events: Mini Workshop and Research Presentation.

First, on Tuesday, 8 August (13.30 - 15.30), there will be a mini workshop consisting of three lectures on Trade and Competitiveness issues, and a discussion.

- Port Efficiency and Connectivity, Domestic and ASEAN Wide (Titik Anas, Ph.D)
- National Economic Structure, Trends and Shocks (Rossanto Dwi Handoyo, Ph.D)
- Industrial development and trade in Indonesia (Yudo Anggoro, Ph.D)

To read the speakers' profile and abstract, please see here.

Secondly, on Wednesday, 9 August (08.30 - 10.30), there will be final presentation by Research Dive teams related to their research tasks:

Task 1 - Analysis of port network connectivity, national or ASEAN-wide, using global marine vessel automatic identification system data
Task 2 - Analysis of inter-city connectivity in Indonesia, using e-commerce data
Task 3 - Analysis of proxies in e-commerce data for city-level and national economic trends and shocks
Task 4 - Analysis of correlations between postal network data and trade network data within ASEAN

If you are interested to participate in either of the open events, please fill the form at no later than August 7 (Monday).

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