What is Research Dive?

Research Dive is a hackathon-style event organized by Pulse Lab Jakarta (PLJ), in which about 20 researchers collaboratively explore and analyze datasets related to development and humanitarian issues in Indonesia. Selected researchers from research organizations will be grouped into four to five teams, to analyze data, develop analytical tools, and produces technical reports that will be widely shared.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking for mid career researchers:

  • Researchers with postgraduate degree (Master) with two to seven years of relevant research or teaching experiences with proven scientific publications
  • Researchers pursuing doctoral degree with proven scientific publications
  • Researchers with doctoral degree but no longer than six years as Ph.D

How to select an attendee?

PLJ selects 15-20 researchers fully based on applications including the following, specifically, reviewing academic background, research experience, and the quality of proposed approaches.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation letter
  • One pager explaining (a) two most interesting tasks, (b) relevant research experience, and (c) proposed approaches to tackle the tasks

"Financial Inclusion"

The theme of the upcoming research dive for development is financial inclusion. In 2017, Indonesia scored 49.8% on the Global Financial Inclusion Index, which means that more than half of the Indonesian adult population does not access formal financial services. Factors related to geographic coverage and infrastructure are often cited as the main challenges to financial inclusion, but knowledge gaps remain. At the same time, the digital revolution continues to generate data that provide more opportunities to gain insights on the progress of financial inclusion in Indonesia. The upcoming research dive for development hopes to contribute to addressing some of the knowledge gaps by enhancing the familiarity of researchers with several data sets, including: household survey data, national socioeconomic survey, and social media data . ***RESEARCH TASK PLJ invites applicants specifically who can work on the following four research tasks: Measuring financial literacy and financial inclusion through social media Main data source: Twitter and Susenas Data Measuring financial access through different channels Main data source : ATM location, Alfamart, Indomaret, and Post Office Modelling gender-based differences in financial inclusion Main data source : household survey data, Susenas data Measuring the effect of digital opportunity to financial inclusion Main data sources: Twitter and Susenas Data Each applicant is encouraged to submit: 1. an Expression of Interest by 16 October at bit.ly/RDFI-EOI, and 2. an application (one PDF) by 23.59 WIB on 18 October 2018 through easy chair at this link: bit.ly/RDFI-submit. Please compile below required documents into a single PDF file and read the guideline carefully before submitting. 3. Curriculum Vitae in English (including year of education, list of research activities and publications, without including any certificates); 4. A recommendation letter in English from anyone familiar with the applicant’s research skills; and, An one-page document in English that clearly explains the applicant’s first and second preference among the four tasks, highlighted above, covering (a) the applicant’s relevant research experience and (b) her/his ideas for potential approaches to tackle the tasks of interest. PLJ will select the final list of participants (about 16 individuals), based on (a) academic background, (b) research experience including publication records, and (c) the quality/relevance of the applicant’s suggested approaches to data analysis. PLJ will cover the participants’ expenses including transportation (from outside-Jakarta only), meals and snacks, and accommodation for the duration of the event. However, PLJ will not extend an invitation if a candidate cannot attend the full duration of the event. Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact. plj-proposals@un.or.id Office phone: +62 21 3983 8473 (Ms. Dikara/Ms. Lia) Additional Information Package: bit.ly/RDFI-info

25 November 2018, Pulse Lab Jakarta

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. How is the format of the event?

The event will be held over three days. On the first half day, participants will have greetings, induction to the lab, and brainstorming session to decide approaches on research. Start from the day after, researchers will have two full days to conduct the research in group. On the last day, there will be final presentation from each group to share their findings. You may see below the event schedule:

  • Day 1. Greetings, Induction, & Brainstorming (03.00 pm - 06.30 pm)
  • Day 2. Research Dive (08.00 am - 09.00 pm)
  • Day 3. Research Dive (08.00 am - 09.00 pm)
  • Day 4. Final presentation (half-day, will be ended around 12.00 pm)

2. I pursued my doctoral degree more than 6 years ago, may I participate?

Research Dive is designed for mid-career researchers. We assume that applicants will have had their doctorates for approximately six years, as an indicator of having reached mid-career level. We consider those who have had their doctorates for more than 6 years to be senior researchers. While senior researchers are regrettably ineligible to participate in this event, we hope that there will be other opportunities for collaboration in the future.

3. I have master degree with 2+ years relevant experiences in related areas, but I do not have enough scientific publication, may I apply?

Please contact to plj-proposal@un.or.id

4. How are teams determined?

Selected applicants will be grouped based on their task preference, research experience, and academic background.

5. What should I bring with me to Research Dive?

To make the most of research activities during the event, participants have to bring laptop, charger, flash disk or external hard disk, research tools, instrument, software or any additional materials you may need.

If you need additional software, please contact to plj-proposals@un.or.id

6. Is there any accommodation and transportation provided?

Pulse Lab Jakarta will provide transportation (round-trip ticket), in-town transportation for participant from Jabodetabek, accommodation during the event as well as meals and refreshments.

7. Do we have to attend all of the discussion sessions?

We strongly encourage you to be present for the entire event to keep update the findings either from your group or other.

8. I was participant of previous Research Dive, may I apply for the second time?

Each Research Dive has different theme. If you have relevant research experience and hands-on skills on related theme, you are welcome to apply.

9. Whom do I contact for further information about Research Dive?

Please send your further question through plj-proposals@un.or.id

Pulse Lab Jakarta  |   Wisma Nusantara 5th Floor Jl. MH. Thamrin No.59 Jakarta-Indonesia  |  +62-21-3983-8473  |  plj-proposals@un.or.id